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Charge the mobile at the right time not again and again, to keep the health of the users battery right, know everything from the experts | बार-बार नहीं सही समय पर करें मोबाइल को चार्ज, यूजर्स बैटरी की सेहत सही रखने के लिए एक्सपर्ट से जानें सब कुछ

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  • Charge The Mobile At The Right Time Not Again And Again, To Keep The Health Of The Users Battery Right, Know Everything From The Experts

New DelhiOne hour agoAuthor: Ashish Kushwaha

You must have heard the news of exploding mobile battery every day. A week ago, a young man died due to a battery explosion while charging a mobile phone in Chhaprad village of Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh. He was charging mobile with power bank. There was a blast in the hand itself and he lost his life. The blast was so strong that even the cement seat of the roof of the house was broken.

Companies claim that the power is auto cut when the mobile is fully charged. But such cases of mobile explosions raise questions on these claims. In such a situation, it is important to tell how you can avoid such an accident.

For this, we have called Tech Guru, a famous Tech Expert. Abhishek Tailang Spoke to him, he says that there are some reasons for the blast in the mobile. These include glitches in mobile manufacturing and negligence of users.

First understand what are the mistakes on the part of mobile companies?

Usually companies take full care of safety at the time of manufacturing. But, sometimes the entire batch of mobiles turns out to be defective. It can be understood as such that many times the seat belts of cars do not open due to defect. But car companies recall them when there is such a mistake. But mobile companies do not recall defective products. In such a situation, the chances of mobile blast increase.

If the mobile is getting hot then go to the service center

Experts believe that if the mobile battery is getting discharged quickly and the mobile is getting hot, then immediately go to the service center of the mobile company. It will be known if there is a defect in the mobile. Avoid going to local shops for mobile repairing. It is believed that their hardware engineers at the company’s mobile service center understand the fault better.

Now let’s talk about the negligence on the part of the users.

To protect the display from scratches, we apply tempered glass, so that the mobile looks good, we also bring expensive covers, but do not pay attention to the battery. But if you look at the things given below, then we can avoid mobile blast. Let’s see what the experts are advising….

Do not overcharge the battery

Charging the mobile all night has a bad effect on the battery. Companies claim that their charger is a charger with auto cut out. But this feature is only for emergency. This does not mean that keep the phone charged overnight.

Charge the battery only after 15% discharge

Do not remove the charger before the battery is 90% charged and charge it before it is 15% discharged. This makes the battery last longer. Frequent charging of the battery affects the cycle of the battery. The more times you charge the battery, the chances of it getting damaged increases.

Do not charge the phone by putting it in the wrong place

Do not charge the phone by keeping it in a place where it catches fire quickly. Choose the right place to charge the mobile. In the incidents of mobile blasts of the last several years, it has been found that people used to keep the phone in the mattress. Due to which the mobile catches fire immediately after heating. Which causes the explosion of the mobile. Mobile should not be charged by keeping it on laptop.

Do not charge the phone after getting wet

The company claims that their mobiles are IP rated waterproof. But this does not mean that you are coming from the rain and put the mobile in charge.

If basic hygiene is kept in a mobile like a body, it will not explode. More manufacturing defects. maintenance of users

Gamer should get a mobile with powerful battery

When buying a mobile, keep in mind how much you use the mobile. In which field do you want to use your mobile more? If you are a photography, videography and gaming lover, then you will need a strong battery for this. So that the mobile does not get recharged quickly.

Take care of the cooling system

Almost every mobile has a cooling system. Using this, you can protect the phone from overheating. The liquid strips in the phone are attached to the battery. The gel filled in it helps in cooling down the phone. Like vivo mobile has i manager app. In which there is an option to cool the phone. When you are using the phone, the phone’s GPU, CPU, battery and RAM are used. This screen, battery processor is working together while playing games or doing videography. This makes the mobile hot. In such a situation, you can manage the temperature of the mobile with the cooling system.

read user reviews

It is not necessary that if the battery is more powerful then it will last longer. Many times the company says more battery but it gets discharged quickly. So these things can be known from the review. Fast charging should also be taken care of, many times the battery charge becomes fast but does not last long.

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